The Rescue of Zimbabwe’s Horses

In 2000 Robert Mugabe began to systematically invade commercial farms in Zimbabwe forcing families to flee and leave their much-loved animals behind. Our neighbours in Chinhoyi were nearly killed and quickly made the decision to depart for New Zealand leaving their horses behind with us. With the continuing trouble and increasing violence we moved horses and staff across the country leasing farms where we could. As the land invasions intensified we would have to move on, sometimes packing up in less than a few hours. As more and more farmers abandoned their horses, we took them in. This was the beginning of our incredible adventure and rescue of Zimbabwe’s horses.

After several more evictions we ran out of grazing for the horses and made a decision to move them to Mozambique. We developed an agricultural project in Chimoio and found the horse’s a safe haven but unfortunately the business collapsed and our investors quickly withdrew from Mozambique leaving us penniless with over a hundred horses to look after. Pat realizing the horses needed to earn their keep loaded them into an old truck and drove to the seaside resort of Vilanculos and started Mozambique Horse Safari. The horses adapted to their new life very quickly and we are working hard to ensure that they have a future. Sadly depleted there are only 70 horses left; disease is rife in Mozambique as there has been no veterinary control for over 35 years.

The horses have survived and are now prospering due to the determination of my husband who has never wavered and kept the project going though this extraordinary time. We need continuing funds and donations for vetinerary supplies, animal feed, saddles, bridles, leather halters and lead ropes for the horses. In return for any support we will offer advertising space on our website and an allocated amount of free rides for the members of your club or organization.

Hopefully we will be able to continue to look after our horses and face the challenges ahead, all the time looking forward to a brighter future in Mozambique.

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