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Visa Requirements

Visas to Mozambique are required for all non-SADC passport holders & are best obtained before arrival to Mozambique by application at your local embassy. For your application Mandy will provide a Letter of Invitation indicating your status and purpose of travel to Mozambique.

At the moment, and if necessary you can still get a 30 day visa on arrival in Mozambique. Visa rules and regulation for Mozambique and South Africa can change so please check with Mandy and your local embassy before departure.

Transit Visa South Africa: If you are travelling in transit to Mozambique through South Africa and are a citizen of a non-visa exempt country you will be required to produce a valid transit visa for South Africa.  Additionally if travelling through South Africa with child/children you will be required to prove parentage by way of birth certificate, single parents will also have to show consent from their non-travelling partner. Please check with your local South African embassy before departure.