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Pat & Mandy Retzlaff

In the early 2000’s, with Zimbabwe in violent turmoil Pat & Mandy Retzlaff’s were forced across the border into Mozambique with 104 horses rescued from farms and homesteads across the country.  Their courageous efforts left them in a foreign country, with no income and plenty of horses that needed to be fed and cared for. With a steely determination to make a home for their horse they established Mozambique Horse Safari in 2006. Defying all odds they have built an excellent reputation around the world for their fine trail horses and extraordinary holidays on the Mozambique coastline.

Pat was born in Arusha, Tanzania and moved to Rhodesia as a young boy. He grew up on a cattle farm and studied Animal Science at University of Natal, South Africa. For over 20 years he farmed commercially in Zimbabwe, he was an award winning sheep and cattle breeder, and leading agronomist. Patrick’s passion for horses was passed down through the generations; his grandfather Paul owned a well-known stable in Onkel Toms Hütte Berlin and his father Godfrey was an outstanding equestrian. Pat trains all the horses, provides the majority of veterinary care and does all the saddlery and farrier work.

Mandy was born in Ghana; her father was an architect in the Colonial Service and her mother a nurse. She grew up for the majority of her childhood in South Africa and travelled Europe after school.  Mandy is the programme facilitator in charge of all of the day-to-day running of our team. She is absolutely charming, has a wonderful sense of humour and keeps the clients and volunteers in high spirits. In her spare time she enjoys making soaps, producing natural oils and writing. Her book “One Hundred & Four Horses”, published by Harper Collins, is an international bestseller.