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Our Expectations

The role of a horse volunteer at Mozambique Horse Safari is to assist with the riding, care and preparation of our horses and clients. We want this to be a great experience for all involved and it is important that you are aware of our expectations. 

RESPONSIBILITY: We expect all volunteers to act in a responsible manner at all times and to listen to instructions. When dealing with large animals it is important that everyone involved remains alert to the dangers and uses their initiative and common sense at all times.

INTEREST: We do not demand any specific level of experience from our volunteers but they must have a love of horses. We expect everyone to be enthusiastic and help out to the best of their ability.

CONSIDERATION: All volunteers are expected to treat everyone and everything they come into contact with consideration and respect. This applies to all people including the local community. Remember that for entire duration of your trip you are a representative of your family and country.

DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: We are well aware that everyone likes to have a good time and will happily join in with volunteers for a drink after work. On the other hand we will not accept regular drunkenness and operate a zero tolerance policy on drug use.

PUNCTUALITY: When dealing with the welfare of animals there are certain tasks that must be done at certain times. Failure to do this not only holds up staff and other volunteers but has a knock on effect throughout the day.

PAPER WORK: All volunteers are responsible for their own travel costs, travel insurance (which is compulsory and must cover medical emergency and evacuation), Visas and any necessary inoculations. We also require that you sign an indemnity form which must be received with your booking.

TEAM SPIRIT: This program is a small family run operation and can only work with co-operation between all those involved. We are a team and we expect volunteers to be a part of that for both their benefit and ours. On a final note this is Africa, patience and a good sense of humour is vital.

These requirements are in place to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone involved. In the unlikely event that a volunteer decides to flout these requirements they will be asked to leave the project. Mozambique Horse Safari reserves the right to terminate any volunteer’s trip who they believe is detrimental to the project.