Come and share in the epic adventures of a horse volunteer where the legends of the rescued horses of Mozambique Horse Safari come to life.  Open your eyes to a different world, where you will gallop the beaches on a sprightly grey, swim in turquoise seas and share in the unbreakable bond between man and horse.


Our horse volunteer project is targeted at students and adult volunteers looking to work with horses for an extended time, develop their riding skills and discover the culture of Mozambique. The majority of our horses were rescued from Zimbabwean farms at the height of political violence and each horse has their own incredible story. You will meet Texas, the strong grey gelding who was about to be fed to lions, and Princess, a gentle loving mare who survived a spear to the shoulder by marauding thugs. You will also meet Lady an orphan foal that has grown into the matriarch of our herd, and Morango, a newly born foal and hope for the future.

Each day will be spent in the saddle and at the stables working with a selection of our top-level trail horses. You will be based in Vilankulo and on Benguerra Island; the area is famous for its unspoiled white sand beaches, warm weather and remarkable bird life. Accommodation is clean, comfortable and secure with swimming pool and breath-taking views over the cerulean sky and turquoise sea of the Bazaruto Archipelago. For more information on past volunteer experiences check out there testimonials, and for more details on the day-to-day experiences please have a look at a typical day


Our horse volunteers become part of the family and often return regularly with deep bonds forming between horse and rider. Volunteering with Mozambique Horse Safari is a truly life changing experience and before long you will be hooked for life on Africa.