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Mozambique Horse Safari


Mozambique Horse Safari is a family run, hands on project dealing with guests and horses on a daily basis. Your participation is all about real world experiences with lots of horse riding, looking after clients & having fun. It is up to you to take advantage of the opportunities presented, the more you get involved the better your experience will be. Our volunteer work is not physical as we employ a team of full-time experienced grooms. There is no fixed itinerary, your daily activities will vary depending on our riding schedule and will usually be discussed over breakfast or the night before. 

Listed below is the kind of day you might expect.

  • Working with Pat & Mandy on safari rides providing excellent company and helping out where ever you can to ensure a fantastic ride. This may require you to lead canters from the front, hold horses when having a break or stay behind with slower riders. 
  • Assisting Pat & Mandy with day rides. This entails greeting guests, getting them prepared for their ride and taking payment once finished. On the ride a high level of professionalism is required to manage guests and horses in the appropriate manner depending on circumstances. 
  • Training our horses. You will be spend a lot of time in the saddle with ample opportunity to work in conjunction with Pat on training our horses. 
  • Setting up the table and helping prepare breakfast, lunch & dinner for our safari clients. Important that you have a warm demeanour and can assess and balance the needs of our guests. It means offering drinks, making small talk and having good manners. 
  • Other tasks may include lending a hand with riding lessons, soap making, going to town with Mandy to stock up with provisions or conversational English at IMAP School.