Name: Mary
Favorite Horse: Ovambo, Spot, Viper, Lady, Princess & Slash
Riding Ability: Experienced


I didn’t want my time with the Retzlaff’s to come to an end, the three months evaporated. Pat and Mandy are brilliant individuals and to say they are good storytellers is an understatement! The truth behind the tails, happy or sad reflect their well lived lives- embodied by courage, perseverance and patience.
Your eyes will open a little wider with each passing day you spend in Vilankulos. Pat is fountain of knowledge concerning everything horse related, and beyond. He and Mandy’s dedication to the welfare of all their animals is inspiring. And they seem to apply the same dedication to feeding everyone around them( guests, volunteers, neighbors….anyone that come around!) you won’t go hungry because they are AMAZING chefs!
Every day I passed through beautiful sceneries that sometimes felt otherworldly. Also it’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite horse because there are so many and each one is special! The people and horses I met in my time in Mozambique are close to my heart and I am going to return as often as I’m able to spend time with them.