Name: Justyn
Country: USA
Favorite Horse: Jade and Balck Magic
Riding Ability: Experienced

Experience: My mom, Mel, and I planned to volunteer at Mozambique Horse Safari in order to gain knowledge in running a horseback riding vacation business so that we could start our own outfit in The States. We showed Mandy and Pat our 5 year plan and they encouraged us to follow our dreams, don’t wait, and just start our business. We had been on horseback vacations before, but the balance of professionalism and graciousness was what made this place special. We were welcomed as part of the family and we left with life long friends. Our days were spent on horseback in the beautiful landscapes of Mozambique. As a volunteer we would take out clients on rides along side the grooms. We were there to keep clients company, point out interesting places or facts, and take pictures. Although the grooms did most of the daily care of the horses, mom and I would help exercise horses when we didn’t have clients. We had plenty of time for other activities, such as diving and napping. We met many of the locals when we visited the fishing village and the schools. Our original visit was planned for two weeks, we stayed for another week and a half, and we would have stayed much longer if we could have. I know I speak for the both of us when I say Africa and the people at Mozambique Horse Safari live in our hearts. I would encourage anyone who loves horses to visit or volunteer.