Name: Freya
Nationality: British
Favorite Horse: Echo (but really I love them all!)
Riding Ability: Experienced

I’ve been twice now and am constantly trying to work out when I can get out there again! It’s quite simply one big adventure in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The varied routine varies makes everyday exciting, usually starting around 7am with a hearty breakfast, then heading to the stables to help kit out some clients for a morning ride, back to Pat and Mandy’s for lunch and then maybe a late afternoon ride followed by scrummy dinner and ever entertaining conversation. Other days there may only be one ride so you’ll be running errands in town and doing other bits and bobs like helping with riding lessons, hand-making soaps, grooming coconut oil through the horses manes or maintaining tack so the routine really is very mixed. Occasionally you’ll be eating out with clients, other days you get an early night because you’re exhausted from a busy day! If you’re in need of a break then Pat and Mandy are very good at letting you have time to yourself but you’ll get more out of the experience if you take every opportunity to immerse yourselves into their fun lives.

Pat and Mandy are both lovely, hilarious and wonderful people. I am quite frankly blessed to have met them as they are two of the most generous and interesting people you could ever meet. They always introduce you to their many friends so you’ll feel like a part of the Vilanculos community by the time you leave.

Finally, what I love about MSH is that the horses always come first. There’s a wonderful mix of personalities and sizes of horse and having the opportunity to ride most if not all of them improved my riding confidence dramatically. The rides are a breathtaking mix of expanses of beach and inland bush riding. Pat’s horsemanship is based on very logical and caring principles and you can learn a lot from him whatever level of experience you are.

If you love riding, aren’t afraid of a little hard work and can cope well in organised chaos then you’ll have an absolute blast at MHS.