Name: Anine
Country: Norway
Favorite Horse: Chelsea, no doubt. Sheís my girl.
Riding Ability: Experienced

My Experience: My Experience: The most difficult thing for me to do is to describe my travels. It makes me speechless in a way that the words that come out of my mouth donít make any sense or make my experience worthy. You want to describe the smells, the sights and sounds in a way that takes your breath away. You want the people to feel they are there for a few seconds eating matapa and giving the horses coconut for treats. You want them to see the weirdness and warmness that you saw and lived with. It is a challenge that I never will succeed. Because, clichÈ, you have to experience it yourself. You have to literally go there with an open mind – ready for everything.

The way from I first thought about going to Vilankulo to work for Pat and Mandy, to actually standing on airport was short, and something I never will regret. Going to Mozambique with no clue of what that waited for me, made my stay. From I arrived and Mandy met me to the last ride I had on the beach with clients before i left, it was truly amazing. It is a hidden star. With beaches as long as eye can see and water as clear as glass. Itís really a paradise. The people greet you with open arms, and you will get to know a whole bunch of crazy, lovely, funny and warm people. Especially Pat and Mandy, the most adorable couple youíll ever meet. They do all they can for their horses, dogs, chickens, family, friends, volunteers and clients. You name it, they are just great. And believe me you never ever be hungry there. It is impossible and will not happen, ever!

Last but not least: the horses. What to say about them? They truly are amazing. So well trained and healthy. All with their own little story and personality. Pat, Mandy, Luka and the grooms take such good care of them and being a volunteer was pure joy. I learned a lot and as soon as I get the possibility Iíll go back.

Working as a volunteer for Mozambique Horse Safari made away from home, feel like home. No other place could I experience cantering on sandy beaches, living a couple of days on a tropical island, waking up of people singing at 6 am on the beach, visiting a police station on hunt after a canoe or get my very first Sierra fish. You know what to do!