Name: Maggie
Country: USA
Favorite Horse: Any! They are all brilliant
Riding Ability: Intermediate

My Experience: When I flew in from Johannesburg over the beach at Vilanculos and actually saw a trail of horses and riders galloping across the sands I knew I had made the right decision ,and sure enough the next day I was saddled up and riding through the beautiful bush and seascape , with the incredible colours ripe for memories . This was more than a unique riding experience – it was an opportunity to be part of something – from breakfast porridge and eggs to an evening of guitar under the moon, Pat and Mandy made me feel part of their extended family and part of Africa. I am sure there were low points – sandy saddle sore derriere for one , but the high points out way all of that – ride bare back into the sea, watch clients faces as they get onto a horse for the first time , greeted by a group of ‘you are my best friend’ dogs everyday! Swim in the ocean and see the fish , travel out to Benguerra Island and arrive as if you are the only person there, ride the amazing horses and see the local villages. The list could go on – this was my 50th Birthday present to self and I made friends and memories for life! Best Wishes, Maggie