Vilankulo Healthcare

Netcare have recently opened the Nhamacunda Medical Center in Vilankulo providing 24/7 emergency care as well as a list of other services. The unit is well equipped and of international standard.

No vaccinations are required for Mozambique. You should bring along the following personal medication: insect and mosquito repellent, sun lotion, Imodium, malaria tablets and antihistamine creams. It is a good idea to drink bottled water.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is a malaria area and it is advisable to wear protective clothing such as long sleeve tops and trousers in the evening, use mosquito repellent and make sure you use your mosquito nets. Coartem & Co-Artesiane are readily available and reasonably priced at the Nhamacunda Medical Center. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist about a suitable malaria prophylactic.