Horse Volunteer Vilankulo

A lovely poem telling of negotiations between Mandy and the local chief after Brutus had escaped from the stables and eaten part of a maize crop. 



The elders sat under a tree
The chief sat on a chair
I was perched upon a stone
There was tension in the air


The secretary firmly said
and the chief had to agree
This meeting would go ahead
Once I showed them my money


The culprit of this serious crime
did not show much regret
He flicked his tail from time to time
and was not in the least upset


Brutus is so very cute
A big brown furry ball
He had bent his head to eat a shoot
but then he ate them all


Of the cultivated crop
There was very little left
They could not get him to stop
so they accused him of theft


The chief and I agreed a price
Our meeting was concluded
Everyone was very nice
Although their fields were denuded


Brutus was unaware
Of the huge expense
I am sure he does really care
but his appetite is so immense


Written by Mandy Retzlaff